Thursday, September 3, 2009

Excitement for 2010

Is eco consciousness going mainstream? It looks that way, with new planet-friendly products appearing on the shelves everyday, and a new, heightened awareness of our human impact on Planet Earth being expressed by former skeptics. We applaud it. It seems change is in the air and it's a refreshing breeze!

Coming off one of our most successful summers ever, change is also in the air at Earth Explore, and I and the rest of my colleagues are tremendously excited about the coming season. Already we're planning new programs, most notably an incredible eco adventure to Costa Rica, which includes thrilling adventure along with our primary focus of the study of marvelous and fragile places on Planet Earth. We're lining up the world's best partners, and we'll study biodiversity in the lush rainforest, go up into the canopy for a close look, snorkel and kayak in pristine reefs that are now beginning to feel the effects of climate change, and enter volcanic preserves.

All of this meshes well with our mission of getting young people energized about Planet Earth, and excited about its future.

By the way, go online to where the latest pictures from this past summer's adventures are now being posted. And drop us a line about the new Earth Explore website. We've made it more user friendly, more graphic, and hopefully, also more informative!

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Blogger Daddy's Girl said...

OK, let me know when ya'll get Costa Rica up and running because I'm soooo game!!

September 4, 2009 4:43 AM  

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