Friday, March 12, 2010

Earth Explore Learning - A Path to Success

We've witnessed it so many times in the past 15 years.  Students participate in one of our learning adventures, and emerge as very different people.  More focused,  more mature (yes, we get lots of props from parents on that one), and more prepared to tackle new challenges that lie ahead.

I have two teenagers.  And, like other parents, I've learned that motivation is everything.  It's one of the keys to a successful future.  Although EE students learn plenty (and qualify for college credit in many cases), the personal changes we see are, I'm convinced, more important than what's learned.  How many of us wouldn't like to have had a bit more confidence, a greater ease in dealing with challenges and with people, at an earlier age?  

Our past participants have gone on to be doctors, engineers, scientists, artists and confident adults.  And we're happy that they still call the EE experience an important one in their lives.

After all, when you have a platform for success, anything is possible.

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